Samsung Refrigerator Problems

Samsung Refrigerator ProblemsWhen you are buying a refrigerator, you want to be sure that it works just right. Therefore, there is one refrigerator where we have seen some issues. This would be the Samsung ones. There are some people who are quite aware of the Samsung refrigerator problems. However, if you are not aware of these, then you can learn what some of those issues are right here.

Where’s the Coolness?

Some people have reported Samsung refrigerator have problems when it comes to keeping things cold. They say that they have had to buy more and more food because of this problem. That would be something that needs to be fixed. After all, it defeats the purpose of having this electronic device. Some have said that the problems stemmed from the fans having to be replaced. These are just some of the issues which they reported from people who thought Samsung was the way to go for the types of refrigerator for their home. Some have the opposite problem. They can get it to cool, but when it cools, it really cools. Some don’t like how quickly it does this either as they have ice on their products.

Give Me Ice!

Others have said that the Samsung refrigerator problems weren’t with the actual inside of the refrigerator. It was more the ice maker, which they had issues with. They have said that on some models of Samsung refrigerators the motor or the vent that are behind the ice maker have to be thawed. They have to do this about 4 times a year. This is a bother because you have to go and remove the ice and you don’t have any ice then for one to two days. There are others who complain say they are only getting about one cycle of ice dumped every four hours. When you read the owners manual, you learn that they don’t give you nearly enough clarity about what to expect or how to make things work. They tell you to do this or that, but they don’t tell you in depth on how to go about doing those things.

Lawsuits to Boot

There have been many people unhappy with the cooling of the freezer and the refrigerator sections. After many in New Jersey had tried calling them with such complaints, nothing was being done. After dropping this sort of money on it, you would think that it would work greatly. However, many are not satisfied with the lack of help that Samsung gave. Therefore, they sued the company. The background of this suggests that the problem of this particular design rests in the coils. They ice over. They fail within only a few months or a few years after the owners get this refrigerator which they should not do. Many know that this should not happen. When this happens and nothing is done about it, you really don’t want to buy any other products from them. That can be a hassle on those trying to sell these.

Moreover, since the manufacturer knows about these Samsung refrigerator problems, they should be willing to do a little more than just say sorry. This was just taken to court so, there are many who are waiting to learn about what the judge has to say about this. Therefore, you will find that if you have Samsung refrigerator problems, you need to look at your model and see if you are eligible to take this route with the lawsuit to get money in return for all your hassles. This was just filed in September of this year so it really is a new case. You can learn more as you keep up to date with news reporting’s about this to see what the judge decides needs to be done about this particular model.